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You can use the form below to order assessment codes, Team Wheels, or Comparison Reports at any time.


If you are interested in a Role Benchmark or one of our on site Workshops, please either email us at info@ovalgrp.com or call us at 804-360-8032.

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Enter the number of codes you wish to purchase. Each code will generate assessment feedback for 1 person.
Enter the number of sets of Team Wheels (Behaviors & Driving Forces) you wish to purchase.
Each Comparison Assessment allows you to compare 2 existing assessments side by side.
Reveals the strengths and weakness of the entire team.
A typical Strategic Team review takes 1.5 hours.
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As you place your order, here are some thing to consider:


    • Codes will be sent to your designated administrator email immediately after your purchase

    • If you do not receive your codes immediately or if there is an extended delay, please let us know

    • If you purchase Team Wheels or Comparison Reports, let us know when to create them for you

    • Team Wheels can show up to 100 existing respondents

    • Comparison Reports compare only 2 existing respondents

    • People must first take assessments to be included in the Wheels/Comparison Reports

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Phone: 804-360-8032

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