Scientific Accuracy

Our assessments have been developed through the extensive research of Target Training International. This same research has been the foundation for companies such as eHarmony®, and has pioneered the assessment industry.

These assessments rely on 5 key factors:

1. Behaviors/DISC

Scale reliabilities were calculated using Cronbach’s alpha (α), which is considered the most appropriate statistical test for calculating reliability. The statistic models internal consistency, based on the average inter-item correlation. These evaluations are a more rigorous approach than a traditional split-half statistic. Cronbach’s α is a statistic bounded by zero to one. In general, an α equal to or greater than 0.6 is considered a minimum acceptable level, although some authorities argue for a stronger standard of at least 0.7. TTI’s Behaviors assessments scored a minimum of 0.826.

2. Motivators

TTI’s Motivators assessments measure six scales. Correlations among the six scales indicate that they are substantially independent as measurements. Scores on the scales are distributed across the scales leading to meaningful comparisons and interpretation. Results from TTI’s Motivators assessments indicate trustworthy reliability for all six scaled with Cronbach’s alpha (α) ranging from 0.7 to 0.8.  The Motivation Insights® instrument is a strong, reliable instrument applicable across a variety of populations. The continual quality improvement efforts anchors this instrument in the motivations, attitudes and values of the 21st Century.

3. Competencies

TTI’s DNA Talent, measuring competencies, is a 360-degree feedback type instrument, and for validity purposes we evaluate each of the questions on a variance scale. Our 2012 data indicates complete variance for this questionnaire.

4. Acumen

TTI’s Hartman Value Profile, measuring acumen, has an internal reliability measurement, and our 2012 data indicates a part one reliability of 0.897 and a part two reliability of 0.825.

5. Emotional Intelligence/EQ

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment is based on a multi-dimensional view of EQ. Our EQ score are normed based on the standard bell curve, which results in 16 percent of individuals scoring “low,” 68 percent of individuals scoring “average,” and 16 percent scoring “high.” Using test-retest reliability, all reliability estimates exceed the minimally acceptable level of 0.770, thus showing that our EQ assessments measure behavioral tendencies consistently and reliably.

Our assessments are scientifically tested and validated to ensure that they are free of adverse and/or disparate impact.

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