Our results speak for themselves, just ask our clients.

Our results speak for themselves, just ask our clients.

“The better part of my professional career has been spent building sales, engineering, management and executive leadership teams. One of the secrets of my success has been leveraging the TTI TriMetrix ACI® assessment along with key insights provided by Dobbie Newman of The Oval Group.

Our company depends on this assessment like a carpenter depends upon a tape measure, level and square while building a house. Oval helps us hire the right team members and onboard them for success. Our partnership with The Oval  Group is key to our ability to have the right people in place helping us drive the desired employee and guest experience.

Morgan Chapman

Chief Executive Officer, Adrenaline Entertainment Centers

“We incorporated The Oval Group TTI assessments a few years ago for both hiring new employees and finding the right roles for our current staff. The insight I gained as an owner into each employee was incredible and allowed me to become a more effective leader and communicate at a higher level. We took this one step further when Steve and Dobbie hosted a communication workshop for our staff and I was amazed at how much we learned about each other in such a small amount of time. I look forward to continuing to work with them to help our staff perform at the top of their potential!”

Ali Wright

Owner, Patterson Family Pharmacy

“The Benchmark helps you target exactly what you want. Helps you find the right person who fits that specific profile. You do all the work in the beginning – creating the benchmark and it saves you so much time later. Now we don’t have to interview everyone and we don’t have to follow the same long process.”

Wafiyah Nasir

Sheefah Pharmacy, NJ

Working with the Oval Group has been key to the success of our business, period. The Talent Insights assessment has allowed us to clearly understand each and every one of our employees’ personalities, skill sets, and what really motivates and drives them. Knowing this data is crucial to understanding the most powerful asset of your business, your people. The Strategic Team Review gave us a great understanding of how all the teams’ talents and personalities come together and where we all fit in the organization as a whole. This exercise allowed us to clearly define the most important part of any business, our company culture. The Oval Group’s assessments should be used in any company, big or small, looking to grow and thrive.”

Josh Rimany, RPh

Founder, Chief Wellness Officer, Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center

“Throughout a career spanning from “carrying a bag” to the executive suite, I have taken countless assessments. Unfortunately, none seem to dig deep enough. That is until I was introduced to the TriMetrix Selection and Development Assessment through a client who raved about his. A natural skeptic, I had to take the assessment myself. Not only was it the most thorough by far, the assessment company (The Oval Group) reviewed the 70 pages of findings with me. Where do you find customer service like that these days? 

I seldom give product endorsements, but TriMetrix and the Oval Group are unique in my experience. This is not the least expensive process available, but possesses the greatest value.  I recommend both The Oval Group and TriMetrix.”

Alfred M. Smith

Career Counselor and Bestselling & Top Rated Author, theHIREDguy.com

“I have been exceedingly pleased with both the flexibility and ease of use of the 360 feedback instrument available through TTI. The TTI instrument combines guidance for typical competencies with a unique ability to customize questions that directly bear on the particular issues within the client’s culture, team dynamics, organizational structure or particular leadership challenges. The organization of the participant responses gathered, combined with excellent visual aids to communicating a deeper understanding the data, are as good as any I’ve experienced in over 35 years of working with leaders in their skills development. Highly recommended!

Rush Paul

President, R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC

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