Our results speak for themselves, just ask our clients.

Our results speak for themselves, just ask our clients.

“Before we created our technician Benchmark, we were experiencing lots of turnover after hiring people who had good skills but just didn’t seem to be who we needed and didn’t seem to ‘click’ with the team. We felt as if we were wasting time training people who we knew would never be the right fit for us.

Since creating our benchmark, we have hired some of the best employees that we’ve ever had. Our customer service, accuracy, general morale, and culture have dramatically improved.

Our employees are engaged and invested in our business in ways that we haven’t seen before.”

Abe Funk and Erin Windbigler

John's Pharmacy, MO

“As a mid-size company that had grown organically from 4 to 140 people, RedPeak needed a way to better assess candidates to ensure alignment to job roles and expectations, and minimize turnover.

We contracted The Oval Group to Benchmark all of our on-site roles to better reflect what each role should be, rather than what it currently was. This provided a unique opportunity to actively evaluate job roles, determine mis-alignment, set clear expectations, and take much of the bias out of the hiring process.

The feedback on each candidate has been extremely useful, and right on point. The candidates we have hired to date in a managerial capacity scored highly as a benchmark match, and they have assimilated into their roles quickly, enthusiastically and with few obstacles. They have indicated they are happy in their roles and appreciative of the support they have received from the company.

The Oval Group has also been instrumental in counselling our senior level leaders and providing insight to assist them in smart decision making, which has led to promotions for people who are ready, rather than, elevating status based on tenure or pre-conceived ideas regarding ability.

Lori Snider

Head of Learning & Experience, RedPeak

“We incorporated The Oval Group TTI assessments a few years ago for both hiring new employees and finding the right roles for our current staff.

The insight I gained as an owner into each employee was incredible and allowed me to become a more effective leader and communicate at a higher level.

We took this one step further when Steve and Dobbie hosted a Communication Workshop for our staff and I was amazed at how much we learned about each other in such a small amount of time. I look forward to continuing to work with them to help our staff perform at the top of their potential!”

Ali Wright

Owner, Patterson Family Pharmacy

“From our first conversation with The Oval Group we knew we were in excellent hands!  They offer a great blend of many years of real business experience along with a thorough understanding of how to administer, interpret, and integrate the tools they have at their disposal.  They are excellent listeners and communicators and they provide their expertise with a real connection and partnership approach.

The TriMetrix HD and TriMetrix ACI assessments are exceptionally detailed and accurate. They gave us a clear picture of our organizational mix of behavior tendencies, motivators, competencies, and acumen, leading to improved team cohesiveness and more effective alignment of talent with work assignments.

The Oval Group is well equipped to help with a wide range of organizational and operational issues. I highly recommend them!”

Scott Barth

President, Barth Packaging Inc.

We have always had wonderful people but saw that exceptional talent was becoming more difficult to find and retain.

The Oval Group has played a critical role in ensuring that we recruit, select and retain top notch people. Their Benchmarking process has aligned our team with, among other measures, what the important behaviors, motivators, and soft skills are to be successful in a role.

The candidate assessments and Dobbie and Steve’s personal involvement with the recruitment process has made a vital difference in hiring the ideal candidate. The upfront investment in hiring makes the recruitment process more of a data driven science and no longer a roll of the dice.

The Oval Group intimately understands our leadership and company culture and have played an essential role in recruiting and engaging our workforce and aligning our talent. The partnership has added depth to our leadership team and revitalized our commitment to maximizing the progress of our people.

We understand that people are our most important asset and are now ever more confident that our investment in the right people will drive McKinnon and Harris to higher returns and a more engaged workforce.

Will Massie

President, McKinnon and Harris

“I have been exceedingly pleased with both the flexibility and the ease of use with TTI’s 360 Degree Feedback instrument.

The TTI instrument combines guidance for typical competencies with a unique ability to customize questions that directly bear on the particular issues within the client’s culture, team dynamics, organizational structure or particular leadership challenges.

The organization of the participant responses gathered, combined with excellent visual aids to communicating a deeper understanding the data, are as good as any I have experienced in over 35 years of working with leaders in their skills development. Highly recommended!”

Rush Paul

President, R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC

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