Assessment Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Assessments?

Our assessments are science-based online tools that reflect our own perceptions of who we are and how others perceive us.

The feedback is based on responses to short questionnaires. An assessment can help individuals and employers better understand themselves, their peers, as well as their current and prospective staff.


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How Do They Work?

People are guided through a series of online questions and their selections generate a score and may include a report with their results. Typically a trained, certified professional coach or consultant will deliver the results and feedback to the respondent and/or their manager. Our certified consultants work with individuals and managers to interpret and provide insight and recommendations into what decisions and actions may be taken based on the information provided from an assessment.

Our tools can be taken on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Assessment questionnaires typically take 10-15 minutes per science to complete. 

What Information Can Be Learned From an Assessment?
Different assessments can provide different information about: HOW people behave and communicate; WHY they make certain choices and decisions; how they REACT to others or to emotionally charged stimuli; WHAT kinds of work related activities they are most likely to prefer and at which of those will they excel or struggle; how they PERCEIVE the world and themselves; or their degree of STRESS and possible sources of that stress. 
Why Should I Use Assessments?

Valid assessments can provide an objective perspective. They help us avoid human bias that can adversely affect our ability to make the best staff related decisions. (No surprise: Study shows algorithm beats hiring managersOur assessments help select people ideally suited to the job – creating a job match that pleases both employers and employees. Assessments can also increase efficiency in teams, reduce turnover, improve communication, reduce workplace conflict and stress, as well as provide direction to develop future leaders.

Who Uses Assessments?

Assessments are used by individuals, business owners, and managers who wish to make informed decisions about: 

  • Selecting the best fit candidate from a group of applicants
  • Moving the best fit employee into a new and different role
  • How to develop internal talent to prepare them for a different role
  • Maximizing the effectiveness or engagement of their staff
  • How to improve their own or someone else’s leadership skills
  • Re-evaluating one’s own career options. 

Companies who use assessments range from one to hundreds of thousands of employees, in every industry. Our assessment tools are currently available in over 90 countries, in over 45 languages worldwide. Someone is taking one of our assessments somewhere in the world every 6-7 seconds.

Can Assessments Be Used in Business?
Yes! Our assessments are scientifically tested and validated to ensure that they are free of adverse and/or disparate impact. TTI SI’s published research and white papers are available here. Or download TTI SI’s Adverse impact study here that provides details on how the tools we use are EEOC and OFCCP compliant.
Why Do They Seem So Accurate?

The reliability and validity of assessments depends upon the degree of research and validation the assessment provider has built into the assessment. Some assessment developers have many years of product research to validate the results of their assessments. Our supplier’s assessments (TTI SI) are validated by 30 years of science and research backed by a commitment of continuous improvement. Data norming, structured equation sampling and rigorous data analysis help ensure these assessments are the most validated tools in the marketplace.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay For Assessments?
Assessment pricing will vary depending upon how many and which sciences you choose. You get what you pay for… Not all assessments are created equal. Using assessments that are not backed by research and validation can negatively impact you, or simply be inaccurate. Ask your assessment provider for product validation data before deciding on a supplier. 

What Other Questions Should I Ask Assessment Tool Providers?

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Why Use Multiple Assessments?

In a recent study, TTI Research found that serial entrepreneurs were correctly identified 62% of the time using just DISC.

However, the same study yielded 92% accuracy when the team added data from Motivators and Competencies assessments.

The research is clear.

Assessments employing multiple sciences allow us to discover the best talent and increase workforce productivity.

  • ONLY DISC (Behaviors) 62% 62%
  • DISC + Motivators 80% 80%
  • DISC + Motivators + Soft Skills 92% 92%

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