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Emotional Intelligence Public Workshop

October 16, 2019 – Richmond, Virginia 

The Oval Group, in partnership with b.Restored, hosted a public lunch ‘n learn development workshop at Gather in Short Pump, VA. Participants explored the science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and learned how to incorporate some practical activities into their daily personal and professional routines to reduce the effects of intermittent or prolonged stressors. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is recognized as a foundational competency for successful leadership. EQ drives our actions, reactions, relationships with others, and ultimately the effectiveness of our decision making. Leaders with high EQ make better and more balanced decisions, are supported and respected by their teams, and naturally rise to the top.
Participant feedback was very positive. Everyone took away practical actions from the session.
Participants were able to:
  • Measure their current Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 
  • Learn practical actions to take immediately to improve all 5 EQ dimensions. 
  • Gain an understanding of how emotions impact then physiologically and, how if unmanaged, can limit their performance 
  • Leave with a personal plan to improve both their EQ and their leadership impact

You can view more images from this workshop by clicking on the image below:

Pharmacy U

November 3, 2018 – Vancouver, British Columbia 

If you are attending Pharmacy U next month, stop by and say hello to Steve Graham. 
Steve will be presenting a module that gives participants a close up look at their own leadership and communication style, strengths and challenges, and personal drivers in both work and life. He will be presenting in partnership with AdhereRx, who is delivering a full-day training program called: Increasing the Value of your Pharmacy. Steve will help participants begin to understand how to lead their teams through the changes that are necessary for future success in Canadian pharmacy. 

Dynamic Communication with HealthRidge Pharmacy

We spent our 2018 Memorial Day weekend in the beautiful Smoky Mountains at Fontana Dam with the HealthRidge Pharmacy team. This team of 6 full time staff members work very closely together to serve their patients in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The workshop helped the participants understand the mechanics of effective communication, to better understand their own communication needs and style and opened up candid and safe conversation among the team members. Effective communication is much more challenging than we realize. If you played broken telephone as a child, you can understand how different an initial statement can end up once passed through several sets of ears. Clear, open and honest communication with the intent to support one another in the workplace is an important key to team effectiveness.

Steve Graham, contributing writer in new book: HIRED!

Alfred M. Smith, released his new book  HIRED! Every Employment Method on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. He is also co-author of the Amazon Top Rated job search manual, HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era.

The Oval Group is Smith’s assessment provider of choice and he asked Steve Graham to contribute his knowledge to Chapter 2: Preparation and Assessments, in his recently released new book.

The Oval Group is proud to be a strategic partner with this best-selling author who has shaped his career by helping others be successful in their careers.

February Event in Orlando Florida

This February, The Oval Group exhibited at the 2018 PDS Super-Conference in Orlando, Florida. Pharmacy Development Services (PDS), founded in 1998, serves independent pharmacy owners across the country. Many of the country’s leading innovators and most successful owners in independent pharmacy attend this event. This was the third year that The Oval Group was an exhibitor and active participant at this, by invitation only, event. PDS screens which suppliers they invite to exhibit at their events to ensure that their members have access to the best of the best for their industry. With over 1,800 attendees expected, this year’s event, which was at the Orange County Convention Center, was the largest attended event ever in the history of PDS. This year’s theme was Own Your Future and included 2 world class key note speakers: John Maxwell and Magic Johnson. The Oval Group is proud to serve this extraordinary class of clients who recognize and value the importance of having the right staff in the right roles, to maximize the impact they have on their business’ success.

Visit our photo gallery for more from the PDS 2018 Super-conference!

Steve Graham – Guest Speaker at TTISI CON 2018 


TTISICON is an annual 3 day conference, attended by some of the world’s leading coaches, trainers, recruiters and consultants. On January 13 th in Scottsdale, Arizona, Steve Graham shared some of his experience and practical approaches to effective communication training in a session titled “Make Communication Come Alive”. This year’s annual conference was be attended by over 400 TTI SI associates from over 30 countries who provide TTI’s assessment tools around the globe. In this session, Steve shared, in a train-the- trainer approach, a module which helped participants learn techniques that can be implemented immediately to improve their communication skills. The module prepares learners to gain a greater appreciation for their own unique behavioral style and how that can directly impact their ability to achieve effective communication. Behavioral style is the foundation of the DISC behavioral science that TTI SI provides as part of their portfolio of talent assessment sciences. The module that Steve shared is part of The Oval Group’s Dynamic Communication Workshop. The Oval Group, is honored to be a Global Visionary Partner of TTI SI. We are one of an elite group of TTI Success Insights associates that advises and participates with TTI SI’s leadership team in discussions designed to set the direction and priorities for the North American business.

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