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Make Awkward Conversations Easier

By Michelle Thomson   Most business requires negotiations and a reliance on others to accomplish set goals. Be they co-workers, customers, suppliers, or countless others, we choose to work with them, and they choose to work with us. Part of making these relationships...

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How Culture Impacts Communication

Different from me does not mean less than me; others may have a better solution. It can be far too easy to judge others’ behavior as not acceptable based on our expectations of what is appropriate. But how do we form those beliefs? What drives our perspective? ...

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Rocket Fuel and Talent Assessments

Rocket Fuel is a chemical mixture of two elements that when combined, result in a powerful expansion of force. This force is so powerful that it can propel a rocket into space. Rocket Fuel is also the title of a book by Gino Wickman and Mark Winters that describes how...

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Is stress taking over your life?

It’s November! For many Americans the mere mention of this month induces excitement and anticipation of the upcoming holidays, events and treats, good food, family time, football and perhaps, vacation. It also is often the most stressful time of the year. Common...

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How to build a high performing team for the future

By Kefei Wang   A future high performing team will be more diverse than ever and so will be the makeup of those teams. According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers. Diversity comes from many different...

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10 situations to avoid if you have low self-regulation

By Dave Clark Self-regulation is a component of emotional intelligence and it speaks to one’s ability to manage emotions in a social setting. Someone with high emotional intelligence, specifically the art of self-regulation, is likely to succeed under pressure, to not...

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What are competencies and why should you care?

I recently attended a client conference where Earvin “Magic” Johnson spoke. I was impressed by his personal warmth, sense of humor and humbleness. He is an excellent speaker. What impressed me even more, was how he spoke about his early years developing his basketball...

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Beat The Odds: 3 Secrets to Successful Hires

A successful selection process requires the same three elements. This maxim holds true whether you are about to select a new employee or a new car. You need to: 1. Know exactly what you seek 2. Capture accurate, relevant information for comparison 3. Vet alternatives...

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Business Best Sellers – Why Are They All About People?

By Dobbie Newman Every Saturday morning for the past year, I have been reviewing the Wall Street Journal’s summary of the week’s best-belling books, as reported by Nielsen BookScan. Many bestsellers have come and gone over that time period, but what continues to...

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Talent Assessments – a Job Seeker’s Goldmine?

By Dobbie Newman Joe Smith was looking for a new job. Joe identified a target company (ABC) that had an advertised open position for a project manager. Through a referral, Joe was able to get on a phone call with ABC’s CEO. The CEO was fairly stand-offish during the...

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Getting Smarter About Data, Engagement to Become High Priority 2015 proved to be a year of change in the talent management industry. Between the rise of assessment use to an increased focus on stress management and engagement, HR executives have become more of a...

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By Bill J. Bonnstetter Originally posted on www.ttisuccessinsights.com/blog December 4, 2015 Arm Yourself with Objective Data to Create More Engaged, Stable Workforce Research recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which examined 300,000 hires...

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Reduce Hiring Mistakes

By Steve Graham There is no simple solution to select the ideal candidate for a specific role. However, incorporating the right talent assessment tools and processes can significantly improve your success rate. As part of our mission to help companies reduce hiring...

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Put a “Crystal Ball” in Your HR Toolbox

By Dobbie Newman Steve Graham, President of The Oval Group LLC, presented to the Greater Richmond Human Resources Professionals group on Tuesday, October 20th. The topic, Put a “Crystal Ball” in Your HR Toolbox, focused on assessment tools. More specifically, Steve’s...

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