What We Do

The Oval Group LLC (Oval), established in 2003, is a talent management solutions provider specializing in tools that enable business owners and corporate executives to make informed strategic decisions about their unique business and the people who hold the keys to its success.

We enable critical business decisions using multiple sciences to help:

Benchmark Jobs:

Determine what each job uniquely requires for success

Select Talent:

 Discover the best job fit (Internal or External)

Engage Your Workforce:

Align talent with matching opportunities

Enhance Team Communication:

Increase team efficiency, productivity, and morale

Identify EQ:

Improve the bottom line impact of your team’s Emotional Intelligence

Uncover Gaps:

Skills needed for success to establish a focused plan

X-Ray your Company:

Identify and take action to complete priority initiatives that enable healthy growth

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Email: info@ovalgrp.com

Phone: 804-360-8032

TTI Success Insights publishes all of the assessments The Oval Group LLC uses in the services and programs we provide.

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