Business X-Ray

Is your company focused on the right things at the right time?

  • Are you constantly putting out fires?
  • Do your leaders work in functional silos?
  • Is there a growing staff/leadership communication gap?
  • Do you feel that you need to have better staff buy-in?
  • Does your business struggle to embrace change?

As a company grows, the complexity increases. That complexity is due to the increased number of people.

Go below the surface to:


   ●  Uncover “hidden agents” that are limiting your growth

   ●  Discover how each of your leadership team members see the business as it is now

   ●  Gain Leadership Team alignment on the top 5 actions your team must take now


Compare your business to thousands of other successful companies worldwide who have followed this process.

Compare Your Company to Similar Sized Successful Companies

The 7 Stages of Growth Business X-Ray delivers a straightforward approach to help a CEO and their leadership do 3 things:  

1. Identify the key issues a company needs to focus on NOW, to grow.

2. Align not just the Leadership Team, but the entire organization with a common language for growth.

3. Follow a structured process to articulate actions that get results!

Identify.      Align.     Act!

Why it works:

This researched-backed predictive model has been tested with over 2,500 companies worldwide.

  •    As a company grows, the complexity increases. That complexity is due to the addition of people.

  •   The business x-ray compares where your business is today, to where hundreds of other highly successful similar sized businesses are along the 7 Stages of Growth curve, to identify where the gaps are.

  •   The business x-ray results engages your leadership team to discuss and solve for important challenges they may not know even exist.

Uncover the root causes of your challenges and enable your business to grow.

How it Works: 

1. Each member of the leadership team completes a business X-Ray survey

2. Gather for a 2 day facilitated offsite. We focus on your current stage of growth and the past two stages, to uncover the root causes of current issues.The team processes the information to develop a list of top 5 initiatives that everyone agrees upon and commits to by the end of the second day offsite.

3. Over the following 6 months, The Oval Group team facilitates check-in calls and   provides ongoing support and guidance, as needed, to complete the initiatives.

4. 6 months after the first offsite, the team completes a second X-Ray survey and regroups for a one-day offsite to review progress and identify new priorities.

Identify.      Align.      Act!

“The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ is putting us in a place that enables us to grow in a healthy way, as we move forward. The process has been exceptionally helpful to get us organized. As a small business, we just run all the time and we don’t always take the time to do things properly. We put out fires every day. Most of those fires are generated by the important things we should have done along the way that we overlooked or ignored because there wasn’t time. By doing a SOG X-Ray you learn what you’ve missed. You can be more proactive about being more prepared. Why should someone invest in this work? Well, you can’t just say that if we do this work, it will generate X additional dollars. You have to understand it’s a long-term investment that will make your business easier to run and will make the owner’s life much easier.

Abe Funk

President and Owner, John's Pharmacy and John's Rx

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