By Dobbie Newman

Joe Smith was looking for a new job. Joe identified a target company (ABC) that had an advertised open position for a project manager. Through a referral, Joe was able to get on a phone call with ABC’s CEO. The CEO was fairly stand-offish during the call and as a brush off said, “Well, if we were interested in you, we’d have to have you take a battery of psychological tests.”

Joe, who had completed and been debriefed on his TriMetrix® HD assessment, replied that he had just completed a battery of these tests. Joe then said, “Would you like me to send the results to you?” The CEO agreed.

Joe emailed his report to the CEO and within 2 hours received a call back inviting him to come in for interviews.  Joe was interviewed by the CEO and 2 other employees at ABC company. Within 1 week’s time he was offered and had accepted a position as a Plant Manager – a significantly higher position than the one that he had applied for. The plant manager role was not advertised, but was a need. Once ABC understood Joe’s profile and had met with him, they knew that he was well qualified for this role.

Bud Whitehouse of Career Management of Virginia, is long-time client of The Oval Group. Bud guides and coaches job seekers through the search process. Part of this process begins with an online assessment evaluation. The Oval Group administers the TTI Success Insights® TriMetrix® HD assessment for Bud’s clients and then provides them with a 90 minute personal debrief of their results. Joe Smith was a client of Bud Whitehouse.

Bud WhitehouseBud often tells his clients, “Two thirds of all jobs are never vacancies, they are problems until the right person walks in, then they become jobs.”

Do you want to be a problem or a solution?


The Oval Group has been providing talent insight to individuals and business leaders for over 10 years.  Talent assessments have been known to change people’s lives and we have seen many of these success stories over the years.

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