By Steve Graham

There is no simple solution to select the ideal candidate for a specific role. However, incorporating the right talent assessment tools and processes can significantly improve your success rate.

As part of our mission to help companies reduce hiring mistakes, we now offer Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), an assessment based applicant screening system that saves time and improves successful candidate selection because it pre-screens and ranks job applicants based on fit with open positions. Hiring managers can reduce time spent screening candidates, and shorten interview frequency and length, by investing a small amount of up front time, in 4 easy steps:

  • Complete a [simple_tooltip bubblewidth = ‘500’ content=’By creating a Job Benchmark using our patented process, job fit is measured against key accountabilities and job performance requirements tied directly to the open position. Our Job Benchmark is not simply a reflection of your best performers. That approach can artificially cap the performance level of your organization. By targeting clones of current staff, candidates who could be even better performers may not show up on your radar.’]job benchmark[/simple_tooltip]  for the open position
  • Create a [simple_tooltip bubblewidth = ‘400’ content=’One quick mouse click creates a usable link.’]unique job link[/simple_tooltip] for TMP
  • Provide [simple_tooltip bubblewidth = ‘400’ content=’The link can be inserted into ads, web postings or email invitations to candidates.’]link[/simple_tooltip] to all, or initially filtered, applicants
  • Select the [simple_tooltip bubblewidth = ‘500’ content=’Our TMP system instantly compares candidate data to your selected Job Benchmark and ranks all candidates by job fit according to the sciences you have selected.’]best job-matched candidates[/simple_tooltip] for interviews

The system integrates with existing applicant screening systems and allows hiring managers to seamlessly view and retain all applications.

Drawing on TTI SI’s 30 years of research in human behavior, TMP enables companies to identify, screen, hire and onboard superior performers in an organized interface, reducing time and eliminating guesswork about candidates’ likelihood to succeed. The assessments used by the automated, web-based software are EEOC and OFCCP compliant. Also, whichever assessment tools you use should account for, at most, one third of your selection process.

Start With An Engaged Workforce!

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“Building an excelling team starts with the hiring process, and ensuring the skills and talents of each person is an excellent job match. Leaders know how critical it is to hire the right people, but they don’t always know how to do it in a streamlined way. With TMP, the best candidates rise to the top, and matching them to their work helps them to be satisfied and motivated at work.”

Bill J. Bonnstetter, chairman and founder of Target Training International, Ltd., and TTI SI